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Social incentives

In his famous book Sapiens, the historian Prof. Yuval Harari points out the reason why humanity has thrived to the point of having total power to shape and rule the world, the ability to collaborate on a large scale. Then he explains that sharing myths (beliefs) is the tool that drives collaboration. Among many shared myths, there is one that is shared across all times, cultures, and beliefs, one single myth that connects us all to collaborate globally. Money.

Using money as a social incentive is a powerful way to engage large populations on acting towards a specific goal.

Money of Good socioeconomic platform brings a bold solution to run a disruptive reward mechanism that encourages people to do good. They can earn money as a reward for practicing meditation. Learn more at

Watch the proof-of-concept events video for an example of how it works and what is the potential to leverage the change.

For alternative systems that might act as a social incentive, check out Transition proposals and Leveraging trust and reputation.

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