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Community guidelines

First things first: Don't be afraid!

Please dive in and edit any page that you think can be improved. You can also create a new page by searching for it by the name you want, then (assuming it doesn't exist) clicking the option to 'create this page'.

Don't worry too much about formatting and style. Changes can be reversed if necessary, and someone else can always improve your contributions later.

To help make our ideas accessible to the most people, please follow these basic guidelines when contributing to this site:

  • Keep your language neutral (avoid superlatives like 'great' or 'terrible' or 'very')
  • Keep your articles short and non-technical. Link to more technical, external articles where necessary
  • Use universally-accepted concepts only (avoid potentially divisive references to patriotism, party politics, religion, sexual orientation or other personal preferences)
  • Don't make unsubstantiated claims. If you can't find references to substantiate your claim, please detail your reasoning to back your claim or use real-life examples.
  • Don't contribute not-fully-worked-out ideas in the hope that someone else will complete them later. Contribute complete ideas only.
  • Don't create conflict or make articles contradictory. If your contributions are likely to clash with existing content or another contributor, it's best to contact them privately and refine your ideas together before editing.
  • Don't add articles or content that are not related to the central theme of creating an open access economy.
  • Don't use copyrighted content. Ensure that your contributions are your own work or are in the public domain.

A note from the founder

Because of the nature of the ideas proposed in this site, it's necessary for content to be regularly moderated to ensure quality and consistency. Here's why:

We are proposing something that hasn't been done before or tested at scale, so some content will inevitably be speculative or opinion-based. I would ask all contributors to please make every effort to substantiate their opinions with relatable concepts where possible. Tell us why you think it will work and/or how it worked before.

It is not uncommon for enthusiastic followers of this train of thought to base their ideas on unrealistic strategies or emotive responses. (For example, “Jail the 1%!”) This can damage the site's credibility. Please focus on positive, actionable solutions only.

Since these ideas are somewhat controversial, we are likely to attract contempt from some politically-inclined people. For this reason, what we say and how we say it are crucially important to the success of this site. This is why neutral, reasoned, on-topic and non-partisan language is critical. For this reason, please be advised that all contributions are actively moderated to protect the site's integrity.

Please help us further these ideas by adhering to the site guidelines.

Colin R. Turner 2018/12/23 06:06

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