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Introduction to BUXBE

buxbe.jpgBUXBE wishes to incentivise creating sustainably/regeneratively. The primary objective of BUXBE is to build a framework for helping create trust-based economies.

The central idea is also a decision-making mechanism. BUXBE proposes creating consent/consensus for relevant resources to be directed to the people that will best use them most efficiently to create experiences to empower the most people in the most sustainable way possible.

How it works

The core central idea of BUXBE is what experiences can I/we decide/create to empower the most people in the most sustainable/regenerative way in synergy with Earth. The scale of a choice made is less relvant than what is possible in the locality and environment one is in. An idea that empowers internationally is a credit to the creator, but this takes nothing away from a brilliant idea that empowers only locally. People decide what they want there creatioon to be, then be the best at it, as scale demands.

BUXBE is a neutral currency, meaning it has no commodity structure to make money with itself, as usury does. It will have a lean towards deflation, but not with the same parameters as usury economics does. Instead, prices will fall to the point where a true free market economy will stabilise. Pricing may fall, but purchasing power goes up: always getting the best quality at the cheapest price.

BUXBE features 4 classes of exchanges: education, community, for profit, and gifting. BUXBE is connected to the Honor Pay network [] to reinforce quality is the key focus of who best to exchange with. While many may start with a for profit model, either as a sole trader or co-op, there is a natural tendency to make it a community project, being paid for by the BUXBE bank and give what is created for free. This would ulimately make BUXBE currency more like points, but what it really does is respect the qualities of what people create, ultimately making BUXBE fundamentally redundant, with all people simply gifting. The intention of BUXBE is a cushion for humanity to let go of quantitaitve exchange. if that is never reached, BUXBE still maintains its neutral framework, supporting everyone in their journey to self-awareness/actualisaiton/realisation.

An example of a product exchange transaction in BUXBE:
If someone were to serve you a coffee valued in the system at B5, the server gains B5, the item receiver loses B5.
If a transaction is a community exchange, examples of such transactions work like this:
If you choose to run your cafe as a community service, you get B60/h, and customers get your coffee for free.
If you spoke with someone for 60 minutes educating in some way, you both get B60 each.

With BUXBE it is impossible to, and cannot be owned, as a corporate entity of any kind. BUXBE proposes that BUXBE only exists through the people that use it.

No one is forced to transact with someone if they do not want to in the BUXBE system, with a focus on reputation to decide if people are worthy to transact with. BUXBE proposes an economy that values competition to find the best ways to collaborate.

Proposal highlights

  • The baseline of BUXBE [like goid was at $35/oz], is education is paid for by the bank at B60/h.
  • No tax, fees, costs, or interest.
  • Has no commodity capacity, i.e it is not listed for speculation.
  • BUXBE is created in real time by people choosing to use it per transaction.
  • The BUXBE bank is fully owned by the people using it. There is no preferential treatment of the creator. Everyone is a peer with access to educaiton to discover what they truly want to create to empwer the most people as sustainably as possible, in synergy with Earth.
  • All education, infrastructure, and community businesses/projects are paid for by the BUXBE bank, to be given to all communities for free.
  • Pricing can begin with 1:1 of what USD pricing is, if , but correct pricing will inevitably be within costs and profit in BUXBE economies as there is no conneciton to usury economics in any way as the median is all people are paid B60/h for educaitopn. This is for teachers and students. This has to be otherwise BUXBE will be considered a commodity, which it isn't.
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